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      Modern Workshop

      In our own workshop over 50 mechanics are ready to work on your used machine every single day. With an annual turnover of over 130.000 hours, our workshop is one of the largest independent workshops in Europe.

      One of the key points our workshop differentiates itself by is the fast service and the expertise of our mechanics. This enables us to provide a solution for every single problem you can challenge us with. Whether it is shipping several machines securely and efficiently, combining loads, including spare parts in your order, everything is possible. Painting your machine in the original Caterpillar yellow? Not a problem either, as we have several large paint booths which allow us to do perform this service on your machinery.

      Service offers

      When you buy a machine or a piece of construction equipment as BAS Machinery you can always make use of our competitive service offers. If you have questions about these services, or if you do you have other specific needs? Our salesteam can inform you about all the possibilities and prices of our services.