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      Mini excavator <10t Construction equipment

      Not all gardens or streets are large enough for a 75-ton excavator, which is why Kubota, Takeauchi, CAT and JCB also manufacture smaller versions of their excavators. Mini excavators hardly protrude and can therefore work in compact locations. These machines are widely used by gardeners, pavers and contractors. BAS Machinery always has a wide range of mini excavators of different brands and models in stock.

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      Brands and options

      In addition to Kubota and CAT, Hyundai, Hanix, Volvo, Kobelco, Hitachi, Komatsu, Case New Holland, Doosan and Yanmar also manufacture mini excavators. These machines, also referred to as mini diggers, can be fitted with several options such as a hammer function or rotator function. Mini diggers can also be equipped with a quick coupler or adjustable chassis. This allows the chassis to be narrowed to, for example, drive through a door opening.

      What is a mini excavator suitable for?

      The compact dimensions of the excavator enable the machine to operate in all kinds of places which large excavators cannot reach. These could be gardens, streets or buildings, just to name a few. In combination with a breaker, the machine can also be used for demolition and sewage work. Its short turning radius and stability are key features.

      Electric mini excavator

      JCB is one of the very first manufacturers to introduce a fully electric construction machine - the 19C-1E. This fully electric mini excavator has many advantages over competing diesel variants. The electric drive requires much less maintenance. This is mainly due to the lower number of moving parts. The lack of a diesel engine also means less noise and no exhaust emissions.

      How much does a used compact/mini excavator cost

      Mini diggers are available in different sizes. That is why prices vary widely. The price of a mini excavator depends on, among other things: the number of operating hours, the year of construction, maintenance history and the sector in which the machine was used. You can buy a used mini excavator for about €10,000 from BAS Machinery. A more recent model costs around €15,000, and the price of a new one is about €30,000.

      Leasing a used or new mini excavator

      It is possible to lease a new or used mini excavator at BAS Machinery. The lease period can vary from 24 to 60 months. Servicing can also be included. Ask one of our sales representatives about the possibilities.