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      Are you interested in one of these vehicles?

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      Lease possibilities

      All types of machinery and construction equipment

      With BAS Machinery you are able to lease all types, brands and models of machinery and construction equipment. Do you want to lease multiple machines? Not a problem at all, we can package the financing. So that the financing of multiple machines is possible. Including servicing in the financing is also possible. Examples of this service is new tyres, batteries, service check and technical inspections.

      New and used machines

      Leasing both new and used machinery is possible at BAS Machinery. However, at the end of the lease contract the machine can't be older than 8 years.

      Leasing for a period from 24 to 60 months

      The length of the leasing period is up to you. Leasing for a period of maximum 60 months is possible when the machine is only 3 years old at the start of the lease. Leasing for shorter periods with a minimum of 24 months is always possible. The maximum duration of the lease contract is dependent on the age of the vehicle at the start of the lease.

      In the table below you can see all the different lease possibilities at BAS Machinery.

      Age of machine:

      24 months

      30 months

      36 months

      48 months

      60 months

      1 year
      2 year
      3 year
      4 year
      5 year
      Up to 6 years