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      Are you interested in one of these vehicles?

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      Transport your machinery all over Europe

      Transporting machinery all over Europe

      We recognize the need of our customer to use their heavy machinery as soon as possible after they have bought it. That's why transport is a key part of our full service concept.

      We offer transport throughout Europe with our own transport fleet and our large network of international transport companies. With our large network of transporters and our own transport fleet are able to transport machinery throughout Europe at very competitive rates. Not only if you buy machinery from us, but also if you need transport of your own machinery. You can always contact our transport department to discuss the possibilities.

      Transport to all European harbors

      Every single week we deliver several machines in different European harbors for our customers. We can always arrange the transport for you, and we can often ensure that your machine is in the harbor of your wishes within 24 hours after your purchase. For rates please contact our transport department by filling in the contact form

      Port of loading Total weight Transport price
      Amsterdam NL
      0 - 18 ton € 450,-
      18 ton - 26 ton € 525,-
      26 ton - 35 ton € 650,-
      35 ton - 45 ton € 700,-
      45 ton - 52 ton € 800,-
      Rotterdam NL
      0 - 18 ton € 425,-
      18 ton - 26 ton € 475,-
      26 ton - 35 ton € 575,-
      35 ton - 45 ton € 700,-
      Antwerp BE
      0 - 18 ton € 450,-
      18 ton - 26 ton € 475,-
      26 ton - 35 ton € 600,-
      35 ton - 40 ton € 650,-
      40 ton - 45 ton € 750,-
      45 ton - 52 ton € 950,-
      Zeebrugge BE
      0 - 18 ton € 525,-
      18 ton - 26 ton € 575,-
      26 ton - 35 ton € 600,-
      35 ton - 45 ton € 850,-
      * All prices mentioned are indicative and depend on the type of vehicle and the dimensions of the vehicle.
      The own transport fleet off BAS Trucks

      The BAS transport fleet

      For the transportation of your machine we try to use our own transport fleet as much as possible. With our flexible planning we can schedule the transport of your machine almost always directly, or whenever you request it of us. Thanks to the high volume we transport every year we are often able to combine cargoes which allows us to offer you the best price for our transportation services.


      By using our transportation services not only will you save yourself the time and effort to arrange it, but we also guarantee a quick delivery. Without having to worry you can wait for your machine to be delivered. In the meanwhile you will be kept up to date through the "My BAS Machinery" portal.

      Read more about "My BAS Machinery"

      If you want more information regarding transportation of machinery and construction equipment, please contact us by clicking the button below, and filling the contact form.


      We can also arrange the shipment of your machinery, read more about our shipping services on our shipping page.