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      The directions to BAS Machinery

      BAS Machinery is located centrally in the province of North Brabant, the Netherlands. We are close to both the German and Belgian border. And are thus easy to reach. Do you have to travel a long distance? We also have a shuttle service which can pick you up free of charge from an airport near Veghel. For more information go to the

      BAS Machinery Shuttle page

      Get your directions to BAS Machinery in Veghel, the Netherlands

      Direction Video PDF
      From Eindhoven Watch the video Not available
      From Helmond Watch the video Not available
      From Arnhem / Oss Watch the video Not available
      From Amsterdam via 's-Hertogenbosch Watch the video View in PDF
      From Arnhem / Apeldoorn Not available View in PDF

      The location of BAS Machinery