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How to choose jade

by Dash Wu

Chinese people are fond of jade because of its attracting appearance. It represents a meaning of peace. In Spring Festival, it is a good idea for chinese people to give a jade gift to others. The jade is also popular in Taiwan. Each person likes its meaning of peace. For example, when the daughter are going to get married, her mother will present her a jade jewelry . Some women even regard it as a traditional treasure of family.

However, the values and qualities of jade are different widely in markets. Few dishonest retailers even sell poor products to cheat customers. It is not easy for a beginner to select a good jade. In daily life, the consumers should learn some knowledges about jade ornaments. First, we should recognize its sorts. The jade can be divided into hard material and soft material. Chinese people call the hard jade as Chinese jade. The most expensive products are from Burma. Among soft jades, some experts think that the white products are most precious. Especially the white jades of Sinkiang is very famous.

What is a good jade? The professionals think that the fine purity, clear transparency and symmetrical color are main standards. The best products of jade need not any processes. When it is taken out by miners, it has a fine quality naturally. Now there are some beautiful jade ornaments are showed in shops, but most of them are processed by producers. Their prices are also lower correspondingly. In addition, because the jade jewelry is delicate, we advise you to keep it well. When you wear it, you should not let hard things hit it. If the jade gets dirty, you should clean it with a piece of soft cloth.

At last, we hope that you would make a progress in practice of life. you can choose a good jade as long as you learn more knowledges about it.

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This article was published on Monday 17 January, 2011.
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