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10.7-7.5mm cultured pearl ring with zircon beads

What Pearl Stands for

by Dash Wu

In the traditional custom, pearl was deified as the lucky stone for those people who were born in June, it was also the symbol of health, dignity and purity. The oriental gave pearl a beautiful name: "the moon gem", they thought it could bring friendship, strengthened the mind and memory. In numerous jewelries, they have the particular characteristic, which will bring people mystique and imaginative space.

In the bright jewelry world, pearl is the royalty, it can farthest show the nobleness of jewelry. So, it also has the reputation as "queen of jewelry". In the pearl kingdom, it is quite easy for people to show charm with pearl jewelry, while the other jewelries are hard to do that. The natural pearl is elegant and beautiful and the freshwater pearl is pure and attractive.

In addition, colors of the pearl are rich: white, yellow, pink, milk, red, bronze, blue, black and so on. Among all the colors, white and light pink are the most popular. The top grade pearl must have dazzling luster and its transparency is high level. If you observe the top grade one carefully, you will find the luster with a rainbow color.

Pearl is one of the earliest material used in jewelry, because it has the incomparable advantages, beautiful colors and it does not need any processing before being made into jewelry. According to the record, pearl can enhance the ability of memory, enhance meditation enlightenment and so on.

The ancients alway looked pearl as a part of their lives, so they alway wore pearl in the body and considered it to be the symbol of luck and health.

Pearl represents beauty, tender feeling, love and purity, it can be said to be perfect and elegant accessory. In the recent years, the designs of pearl are becoming more and more elegant, it is decorated with not only gold inlaid, but also platinum and diamond. Not only the classical palace style necklace and earrings series but also romantic pearl necklace and ring series are elegant, they can fully show the charming character of the wearers.

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This article was published on Wednesday 26 January, 2011.
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